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Endurance Adventures in Wonderland Style

All I need is 7 girls and 7 guys

Here is where you can check how each team is going in the missions.

Partner Mission, General Wonderland Quiz:
Endurance Mission #1, Relay Race:
Temple Mission #1, Fireball:
Endurance Mission #2, Bucket of Trouble:
Temple Mission #2, On One Foot:
Endurance Mission #3, Wonderland Quiz:
Temple Mission #3, Three-Legged Race:
Endurance Mission #4, Plant the Flag:
Temple Mission #4, Coconut Toss:
Endurance Mission #5, Halloween Quiz:
Temple Mission #5, Christmas Quiz:
Final Endurance Mission, Battle For The Pieces:
Endurance Adventures in Wonderland Style Champ:
Grand Prize: (be revealed after the partner mission when all 7 teams are formed)

Welcome to Endurance Adventures in Wonderland Style.

Co-Host: Co-Host Rosa



Copy and paste the list and put your (real) name on the list only one member can become my co-host.

Here are the teams:

The Red Team: Team Queen of Hearts ? & ?
The Orange Team: Team Tweedles ? & ?
The Yellow Team: Team Hare ? & ?
The Green Team: Team Caterpillar ? & ?
The Blue Team: Team Alice ? & ?
The Purple Team: Team Hatter ? & ?
The Gray Team: Team Cheshire Cat ? & ?
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My AIW Chuckleheads Website

There is not much there yet. Since I just started a few days ago.

There is a guestbook where you can come and talk about your favorite characters, episodes or moments from Adventures in Wonderland.

Also I put up the episode list.

I have add three of my videos to my website.

Also in the Fan Writings is my verison of The Night Before Christmas.

The website is still a work in process.

I just need to add the cast info and other stuff.

I would like to have an assistant to help me with my website. If anyone is willing to help me out I'll be happy to give you my username and password for my website to help me add more stuff to my website.
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My AIW Chuckleheads Forum

Anything and everything is welcome on this forum. There aren't many boards yet as I have just made it and haven't added any boards to it. Everyone from the aiwchuckleheads community here on LiveJournal is welcome to join.

You guys can post anything you want to. Also I'll make some of you part of the staff.

One more thing there is only one rule and that is that your username must be Adventures in Wonderland related names.

For example:
The Mad Hatter's Wife (taken)
The Mad Hatter's Girl
The Mad Hatter Fan (taken)
The Mad Hatter Fan 4 Ever
The Mad Hatter Fanatic
The Mad Hatter Fanatic 4 Ever
The March Hare's Wife
The March Hare's Girl
The March Hare Fan
The March Hare Fan 4 Ever
The March Hare Fanatic
The March Hare Fanatic 4 Ever
Hatter and Hare's Wife
Hatter and Hare's Girl
Hatter and Hare Fan
Hatter and Hare Fan 4 Ever
Hatter and Hare Fanatic
Hatter and Hare Fanatic 4 Ever

You can do the same for everyone else in Adventures in Wonderland or make up your own using the Adventures in Wonderland characters.
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I Am Really Sad

That I can't post on AIWChucklesheads community anymore.

I would like to post on there again but the mods won't let me.

There are some posts on there that I would like to post to but I can't and it's making me really upset espeacially the newest post that was posted by ladybow.

If any of you chuckleheads are reading this please let me post on the community again I've changed since you banned me from posting.

Also could you please forgive me for what I said? If not, than karma will come and bite you in the butt.

I've learned about karma from watching "My Name Is Earl" starring Jason Lee as Earl Hickey.
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07 Underland Meets Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Cast
Alice Kingsleigh: Mia Wasikowska
Iracebeth the Red Queen aka Queen of Hearts: Helena Bonham Carter
Mirana the White Queen: Anne Hathaway
Ilosovic Stayne, the Knave of Hearts: Crispin Glover
Tweedledee: Matt Lucas
Tweedledum: Matt Lucas
Nivens McTwisp, the White Rabbit: Michael Sheen
Absolem the Caterpillar: Alan Rickman
Mallymkun the Dormouse: Barbara Windsor
Chessur the Cheshire Cat: Stephen Fry
Thackery Earwicket the March Hare: Paul Whitehouse

The Hightopp Family
Hatthia Hightopp: Me
Hatthia's mother, Tarran Hightopp: Terri Irwin
Hatthia's father, Tarrant Hightopp the Mad Hatter: Johnny Depp

Adventures in Wonderland Cast
Alice: Elisabeth Harnois
The Mad Hatter: John Robert Hoffman
The March Hare: Reece Holland
The Red Queen: Armelia McQueen
The White Rabbit: Patrick Richwood
Tweedle Dee: Harry Waters Jr.
Tweedle Dum: Robert Barry Fleming
The Caterpillar: Wesley Mann
Voice of the Cheshire Cat: Richard Kuhlman
Voice of the Dormouse: John Lovelady
Walrus: Ken Page
The Duchess: Teri Garr

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